Surf With Ben Coaching in Sardinia

SurfWithBen in Sardinia

08.09.2024 - 15.09.2024 Porto Botte

To me, Sardinia in Autumn has become one of the most important places for kitesurfing. As soon as the peak season slowly comes to an end and the spots are getting less crowded, there are not many places that can trump the mirror smooth spots of South Sardinia.

In September both thermal and wind work together and deliver excellent wind quantity as well as quality, with constant winds from 15 to 30 knots. The summery temperatures and the still comfortably warm water will invite you to jump straight into your swimming shorts.

These outstanding conditions make Southern Sardinia at this time of the year the ideal place to learn new tricks and enjoy unforgettable moments on the water.

⇰ Daily Procedure

For these 7 days we will all live together in a house close to the kitesurfing school Critical Slides, with each of the participants having his own room and bathroom. After an extensive breakfast from our chef Sander we will start the day off with our coaching sessions at the home spot “Porto Botte”. All together we will work on your tricks and following all the rules of art I will look for ways to improve your skill level. 

After a hopefully very windy and eventful day on the water, we will have a BBQ in our kite house to end the evening with a few beers.

sunset session of ben beholz on sardinia at porto botte kitesurf location critical slides at porto botte on sardinia kitesurf station critical slides on sardinia at porto botte kitesurf house of critical slides on sardinia at porto botte room of the kitesurf house at porto botte


• Coaching with Ben Beholz

• Singlesession with BB-Talkin Radio

• Improving you kite knowledge and skill

• Top kite sessions in flat water

• A small and awesome group of riders

• Delicious dinner from our chef Sander

• BBQ at our Kitehouse

• Your own room with your own bathroom

• Theory lessons

• Video sessions to progress and remember



• Flight to Sardinia

• Transfer to and from the airport (more details after registration)

• Drinks and food when going out for dinner


• 2099,00 Euro

More Infos:

• Begins on September 08th, 2024 from 12 p.m. - first day of coaching is September 09th, 2024

• Ends on September 15th, 2024 at 12 noon 

• Optional: Gear rental up on request

(Feel free to contact me for more information

 ⇰ Requirements

  As the base for a successful collaboration with all of our 6 participants you should be able to confidently go kitesurfing and stay upwind independently.

 ⇰ Your Application

Please view your registration as a non-binding application for the SurfWithBen Camp. Only after a phone-call, my confirmation and a deposit of 599,00 Euro will it become binding.

2099 €
including taxes