Kitesurfer Ben Beholz Gopro

My name is Ben Beholz,

I was born 1991 in Southern Germany at Lake Constance. At the age of 9 years, my brother and I started windsurfing at our local surf spot at home.

Besides doing sports and being active outside, I've always had a tendency for being creative. At the age of 10 years, I started to record my own music on my keyboard.

After finishing school in 2011, I went to Egypt to take a year off and to start travelling the world. I got stuck there with my first kitesurfing experience. And that's basically where the story began...

Today I see kiteboarding as an expression of myself. There are almost no limitations to this fascinating sport. I love to ride and I love being creative, but the combination of both is what’s driving me. 

Bringing the sport to your screen is my mission.

Peace Ben